Greenhouse Gas Emissions Per Household


Our goals at Hillside are to enable access to an affordable lifestyle that fosters community, education, and most importantly eliminates the three largest contributors of CO2 emissions: housing, food, and transportation. Collectively these components create 79% of the greenhouse gas emission per household. We combat these elements by building net-positive energy homes, growing food on site in our year-round greenhouse, and using shared electric vehicles powered by alternative energy.  Creating a replicable model of successful sustainable living is at the center of intentions for Hillside.


Green Living Elements 

  • Solar Panels 
  • Solar Hot Water Heaters
  • Shared Electric Vehicles
  • Residential Recycling and Compost Program
  • Electric Car Charging Station
  • Secure Bike Storage
  • CSA Share 
  • Rainwater Collection
  • 83% Walking Score
  • Permeable Roadways
  • Edible Landscape
  • Residential Gardening Space
  • LED Lighting 
  • Shared Community Space