Hillside is strategically planned to facilitate the building of community. Neighbors make a house become a home and together you create a place that you are proud to live in. 

Home to 48 units composed of 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms, Hillside's design concepts demonstrate the collaboration between sustainability, energy conservation, fostering community, and ecological resilience. The site's unique topography has allowed us to create first floor access to multiple levels of residential units and common buildings. 

Building footprints and streets have been intricately integrated with the topography to manipulate water shed - allowing for water to slow, spread, and sink into the soil. This will prove to be most beneficial in fostering plant life, stopping soil erosion, and largely cutting back on the runoff to public sewage systems. By living at hillside you are able to truly live in a manner that generates health for the environment, humans, and community.